170kg Of Drugs Found On Border Boat, Smugglers Escape

Stung Treng: According to police sources, at 7 pm on November 24, the border police in Stung Treng province cracked a major cross-border drug trafficking case and seized nearly 170 kilograms of drugs, but no offenders were caught.

According to the police, when the border officers were patrolling the river area that night, they suddenly spotted a ship coming from Laos into Cambodia . Since there were many packed bags spotted onboard, the Cambodian police suspected smuggling was afoot, so they immediately speeded in pursuit. The boat crew noticed them following, speeding up to escape. At a small river island, the suspects abandoned the boat and escaped.

Subsequently, the police boarded the ship for inspection and found 170 packets of drugs on board, weighing nearly 170 kilograms.

At present, these drugs have been sent to the police station of Stung Treng Province.

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