Protests After Chinese Contractor Fails To Pay For 2 Months

Svay Rieng: At 11:45 am on November 23, a protest broke out in a special economic zone in Svay Rieng, after a Chinese contractor owed its workers two months of wages, triggering a demonstration by more than 100 construction workers.

The local police revealed that a contractor undertook the construction of a building for a Chinese tire manufacturing company, but the contractor had not paid the workers for nearly two months, which led to the workers’ protest.

The source pointed out that the foreman had told the workers that he could not get the money, and he would have money by November 10th, but on that day, the foreman still failed to give the workers the salary. By November 23 when there was still no money, and workers’ protest broke out.

During the protest, the workers blocked the entrances and exits of the construction site to prevent the workers of the tire manufacturing company from entering. Only when reporters appeared on the scene to report and live broadcast, the boss of the tire manufacturing company came forward to discuss the situation with the contractor. The contractor once again promised the workers that they will be paid at 2 pm on November 24.

With the coordination of the police, the workers were willing to stop the protest, and then returned to continue working. TNAOT

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