11 Thais Confess To Poipet Violence

Poipet: On the afternoon of November 22, the Gendarmerie of Banteay Meanchey Province revealed that a group of Thai men had a gun battle with the gendarmerie at Poipet night market, resulting in 3 gendarmerie and 1 Thai injured.  At present, 11 Thai suspects have been transferred to the court for trial.

It was reported that on the evening of November 20, about 20 Thai men ate and drank at a restaurant called ABC in Poipet Night Market. Soon, another group of Thais also came to the restaurant to drink. At 11:15 in the evening, the two sides suddenly began violent clashes for some reason, throwing wine glasses and bottles at each other, and shooting with guns.

After receiving the report, the Poipet Gendarmerie rushed to the scene to intervene. However, some did not listen and threw bottles at the military police, and then shot a military police officer with a gun, causing him to be seriously injured. Two other military policemen were injured by bottles.

During this period, the suspects continued to attack the gendarmerie, causing the gendarmerie to fire back, shooting one of the suspects to be shot in the leg.

Gendarmes arrested 11 Thai suspects and confiscated a black Lexus and a white Toyota, a 110 cm long steel pipe, 2 kitchen knives, 1 sharp knife and other evidence.

After interrogation, 11 Thai suspects confessed to their crimes.

Currently, there are another 9 Thai suspects remain at large. Poipet police and gendarmerie are fully investigating and hunting them down.

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