Cyber-Slavery: Thai Trafficking Victims Rescued, 40 Chinese Detained

Phnom Penh: According to a story in the Bangkok Post of Thailand published on November 19, 2021, officers from the Ministry of Interior surrounded a mansion in Phnom Penh on Thursday, liberating nearly 100 Thai nationals detained and forced to work illegally in Phnom Penh, controlled by the Chinese National Gang.

The Bangkok Post added that the rescue operation was part of a joint effort by Cambodian authorities. Thai police and Thai embassy officials. At the beginning of the rescue operation for Thai workers in Phnom Penh, officials surrounded a building guarded by Chinese nationals..

Cambodian police arrested nearly 40 Chinese nationals and rescued all the Thais from the building- who were then sent back to Thailand through the Klong Luek border crossing in Sa Kaeo province. They will be isolated for 14 days before being allowed to return to their homes.

The raid came after the Royal Thai Police, the Anti-Human Trafficking Center and the Women and Child Protection Group Send investigators led by Khemarin Pissamai to locate buildings used to detain workers .

A source also said that most of the victims were deceived by other Thais who recruited them for positions promising a decent salary, such as promoting online games and online marketing in Cambodia.

Separately, one victim was quoted as telling Thai police that they found out about the work through Facebook.  A human trafficking gang allegedly brought victims across the border from Srah province’s Khok Sung district and transported them to Phnom Penh by car. Upon arrival, the building was locked and they were forced to sign a contract.

According to the investigation, the victim was detained in a building guarded by a Chinese group. The victims, who are Thai workers, were only paid for the first month. Those who refused to work were beaten, handcuffed or left without food for two days. They were all reportedly forced to lure other compatriots to work for the same operation or invest with them. Each victim is expected to earn a high income with a monthly target of 1-2 million baht (approximately $ 30,670 to $ 61,341). Those who did not achieve their goals were beaten. Others were abducted or even sold to other gangs.

So far, police are expanding their investigation in hopes of rescuing other victims. Police believe there could be hundreds more, and further warned that Thais wishing to apply for well-paid jobs abroad should check with the Ministry Works and follow the necessary regulations to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking. AREY

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