Farmer Dies After Bite From Snake ‘Dinner’

Kandal Province: A man died after bitten by a snake he had caught to eat. This incident occurred at 4:00 pm on November 18, 2021 in Stung 2 village, Samrong Thom commune, district. Kien Svay, Kandal Province.

The victim was named as Lan Chan, a farmer, residing in Stung village, Samrong Thom commune, Kien Svay district, Kandal province.

According to Kien Svay district police, at the time of the incident, the victim visited the lake behind Stung village, and found a snake weighing one and a half kilograms (*possibly a cobra?). Seeing this, the victim grabbed the snake, put it in a backpack and took it home.

The same source said that when he arrived at the victim’s house, he removed the snake, which got free and hid under a bed. As the man was trying to retrieve it, the snake bit his right hand and lip.

After being bitten, the victim’s family took the victim to the house of a Khmer traditional healer ‘teacher’ named Van Huon, female, 57 years old in the village-commune where the incident took place. The Khmer teacher gave medicine to the victim, but the victim refused to swallow it. The victim was taken home, but when he arrived soon died. After the incident, the victim’s relatives organized a traditional ceremony. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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