Canadian Passport Holder Caught In Major Drugs Bust

Phnom Penh: According to the General Commission of the National Police, from October 27 to November 10, 2021, the Department of Anti-Drug Crimes (A1) investigated and cracked down on criminals storing and transporting drugs across the border. Three different targets were searched.

1- In Trapeang Svay Khmounh, SenSok
2 – Room 4121 Diamond Island condo near Tonle Bassac
3. In 13AD and 13AE Condo Street 302 Boeung Keng .

A suspect named FU YONG QING, male, with Canadian nationality, was detained. Evidence seized included:

1 / 85,922 pink (MDMA) tablets, equal to 28,354.54g weight
2 / 154,474 gray MDMA tablets, equal to 60,244.99g weight
3 / MDMA powder Weight 50,022.72g
4 / EcMA (24,700.81g)
5 / Nimetazepam 9,750 tablets 1,733.40g
6 / Methamphetamine with a weight of 98.97g
7 / Ketamine weighing 2,320g

A total of 167 kg, 475.43 grams, a handgun with 6 bullets, scales, a car and some other materials were taken away.

The suspect will be sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court according to the procedure. ANTI-DRUG DEP.

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