Chinese Teen ‘Rescued’ From Online Gambling Group

Sihanoukville: A 16-year-old Chinese national named as Jun (a pseudonym) sent out a distress message.

Jun is a native of Chibi, Hubei. He was born in May 2005 and was 16 years old this year. Before that, he and his girlfriend went to school in Xi’an and were sent to Shantou, Guangdong by fellow villagers under the pretext of doing work for an online shopping service.

They were then put aboard a boat in Shantou on August 18 and sent to Cambodia. Only allowed to go to the deck to urinate and defecate, they were confined in a cabin below with dozens of people.

After a 7-day trip, they were arrived in Sihanoukville.

After 7 days of isolation, they were taken to work in a certain online gambling park, and put to work in online gambling fraud. Realizing that they had unwittingly joined the online gambling company, Jun and his girlfriend wanted to leave, but it was easy to get in and it was difficult to get out. The bosses demanded Jun to pay a ransom of 240,000 yuan ($37,600).

In order to collect the money, Jun’s mother sold the family house in China. Because it was in a rural area, the house only sold for 100,000 yuan. A Jun’s mother took out loans from various sources.

On October 18, Ajun’s mother gave 120,000 yuan to the online gambling company, and first paid Ajun out of the park.

On October 26, Jun took another 100,000 to buy his girlfriend from the park. When he went to pay, they were detained together with the money, and the other party sold the pair to another online gambling company.

To rescue the two, Jun’s mother called the police in her hometown, contacted the embassy, ​​the Cambodian police, and volunteer teams.

Jun also contacted the Governor of Sihanoukville on Facebook to call the police for help.

On the evening of November 1, the staff of the online gambling company planned to sell Jun’s girlfriend to a ‘club’ and forced her to take drugs. Jun was made to take drugs.

After taking drugs, Jun felt weak and began vomiting blood.

After hearing the news of her son, Jun’s mother, in despair, intended to commit suicide, but fortunately was stopped by a neighbor.

Fortunately, the message to the governor was noted, and on the afternoon of November 2, police rushed to the park and saw Jun.

Jun, couldn’t believe it, “Will the police save me?” he asked himself.

At about 10 o’clock that night, Jun and his girlfriend were successfully rescued. At the same time, the police arrested more than 10 people suspected of forcing Jun to take drugs, assault, and illegally detaining the pair.

Jun and his girlfriend have been sent to a hotel in Phnom Penh by the China-Cambodia volunteer team and caring people. SOURCE

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