Barrel Of Monkeys Making Mischief

Phnom Penh: Wat Phnom monkeys are breeding quickly, and the troop of primates invade people’s houses around Wat Phnom.

According to a woman named Thavry, living near the Casa Hotel, north of Wat Phnom, herself and other residents say that the monkeys of Wat Phnom have given birth and have children and grandchildren which enter people’s homes to find food. Not only that, the monkeys were aggressive, and have been stealing various items stored in the house, including clothes, phones, etc., which if left unattended, the monkeys will take them all away.

Residents said that what worries them the most is the fear of big monkeys biting people, because in the past there have also been injuries from those monkeys.

In connection with this issue, the people who were disturbed by the monkeys insisted that the Daun Penh district authorities should take measures to catch the monkeys and release them to animal sanctuaries such as Phnom Tamao Zoo or other places to avoid disturbing or biting people, because today there are so many.

Please be informed that Daun Penh district authorities have captured many monkeys of Wat Phnom a few years ago and released them at Phnom Tamao Zoo, but not all of them. Those monkeys give birth to offspring which have had more generations. Therefore, it is hoped that the Daun Penh district authorities will take further measures to catch more monkeys to avoid fear of the people. KPT

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  • November 14, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Must be the neighborhood of the US Embassy. 🙂 Even Monkey’s get mad there.


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