Casino Given Warning Over Rubbish

Sihanoukville: According to reports, on the afternoon of November 10, a casino on Independence Street in Village 4,  Sangkat 4, did not dispose of resulting in smelly waste water flowing into the street, seriously polluting the urban environment. The casino has been admonished by local authorities.

Local officials went to the scene to ask the casino to make rectifications, and asked the casino to clean up all the rubbish, and then clean the streets.

Local officials warned that if similar incidents occur in the future, the casino will be severely punished.

It is worth noting that the Provincial Government has issued an announcement that if residents dispose of garbage at the wrong time, they will face a fine of 20,000 riel to 400,000 riel (approximately US$5 to US$100). If the garbage disposal company fails to collect garbage according to the schedule, it will also be fined in accordance with the contract. 58C

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