Sick Kampot Police Lieutenant Shoots Himself

Kampot Province: According to the report from the authorities, a lieutenant of Kampot provincial police committed suicide at home by shooting himself due to a chronic illness.

The suicide occurred on the morning of November 9, 2021 in Kampong Bay South Village, Sangkat Kampong Bay, Kampot City, Kampot Province.

According to the official of the Kampot Provincial Police, the lieutenant was named Seng Sarun, 51 years old, and the Deputy Chief of the Administration Division of the Kampot Provincial Fire Police Office.

In the report, the police described that at 9:30 am on November 9, there was a case of a firearm being used in an apartment near Sam market, Kampot province.

Police said that, as soon as the joint police arrived at the target, they realized that it was a case of suicide committed by a Kampot provincial police officer.

According to the source, the suicide bomber fired two shots directly under his chin with an AK-47 assault rifle- which was recovered with 30 rounds of ammunition.

Authorities said that, according to family members, the police officer was depressed because of chronic leukemia.¬†Therefore, the lieutenant’s suicide is not related to any other cause. NKD

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