Siem Reap: Army Officer Arrested After Glock Fired

Siem Reap: According to the Siem Reap Provincial Police Commissioner’s Office of Serious Crimes, at 3:00 pm on November 4, 2021.Lt. Gen. Sok Meng Eang, Chief of the Serious Crimes Police Office, arrested a suspect named Keo Vy, male, 37 years old, a soldier of the Ministry of National Defense Engineering Corps, currently living in Tuol Kork Village, Tuol Kork District, Phnom Penh for illegal use of weapons.

At 22:00 on November 3, 2021, there was a gunshot fired in front of Mekmek 5 restaurant in Sala Kanseng village, Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap city. In front of the motorcycle parking lot, the suspect pulled out a Glock 19 pistol from his waist, fired a shot and got into a car with his friends, while his girlfriend escaped on a motorcycle.

After the incident, the force arrived at the scene and found a shell at the scene, and at14:30 on November 4, 2021, the police brought Keo Vy in for questioning.

According to Keo Vy, a 37-year-old man, he was a soldier in the Ministry of National Defense’s Engineering Corps, who had been on a road construction mission in Siem Reap for three days. At 21:00 pm on November 3, 2021, he and his girlfriend Chhuon Chandoeun alias Ny, female, 27 years old, rode a motorbike to have a drink with friends at Mekmek 5 shop in Siem Reap until 22:00. When he finished drinking and walked to the parking lot of his motorbike to go to sleep. He then pulled out a Glock-19 pistol from his waist and fired a single shot into the ground.

After the arrest, the suspect was sent to court by the specialized force to prepare a case for legal action. POST NEWS

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