Police Officer Shoots Man In Siem Reap Restaurant

Siem Reap: According to initial media reports, at around noon on November 5, several Cambodian men in Siem Reap Province had a physical altercation with a policeman who was dining in a restaurant. As a result, the policeman fired his weapon. A man was hit and seriously injured.

It is reported that the injured man is 30 years old, and an electrician. He was shot in the left armpit and is currently receiving emergency care in the hospital. The suspect was a police officer from Siem Reap Province.

The deputy chief of the Criminal Police of Siem Reap Province, revealed that the officer who the gun has been arrested. After questioning, it was learned that at that time, the two parties were drunk and already disliked each other. The injured man was said to have attacked the suspect with a glass bottle, leading to a fight between the two sides. The suspect claimed he fired a shot in self-defense.

Currently, the Siem Reap police are conducting an in-depth investigation into the case.

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