Battambang Deputy Arrested Over Brother-In-Law’s Murder

Battambang Province : Authorities arrested the Deputy Inspector of Koas Kralor District after more than two months of investigation into a brutal “murder” case in Koas Kralor district.

According to the authorities, the suspect, Dak Sokha, was the Deputy Inspector of Koas Kralor District in charge of the anti-drug unit.

According to the police, the suspect was arrested by the Provincial Commissioner’s Office of Serious Crimes on the night of November 4, 2021, after being suspected of being involved in the murder of his brother-in-law at the end of August in Basre village, Daun Ba commune, Koas Kralor district.

The Bureau of Serious Crimes of Battambang Provincial Police have been investigating for more than 2 months after the incident, only the clues of the suspect who is the victim’s brother-in-law appeared. He also has the role of “Deputy Inspector of Koas Kralor District”. 

In this case, Mr. Sat Kimsan, Battambang Provincial Commissioner, on the morning of November 5, told the media that “forces really arrested this Deputy Inspector, but the case is still under investigation.” 

The victim in this case was named as Yang Sarath, alias Tak, male, 45 years old, from Prey Phnas Village, Daun Pa Commune, Koas Kralor District, Battambang Province. The family and authorities claimed that the victim was mentally retarded. The victim was beaten to death by an unidentified assailant and buried in a forest in Sre Ba village, Daun Ba commune, Koas Kralor district, and was found by villagers on the morning of August 31, 2021. The technical officer of the provincial commissioner and the district inspector went to the scene to autopsy the body after receiving this information from the people.

The killer dug the ground to bury the man, but did not bury him. After the autopsy, Pang Heang, Koas Kralor district inspector, wrote in the report, “The victim’s body was scarred with a hard object on the left face and the back of the head.”

The inspector also concluded that “this is a murder.” The investigation leading to the arrest of the suspect, Dak Sokha, who serves as the Deputy Inspector of Koas Kralor District and was also the victim’s brother-in-law. On August 28, Koas Kralor District Inspector Force arrested the victim (corpse) and brought him to the District Inspector for questioning because the victim caused domestic violence. But in the afternoon of the same day, the police released the man and handed him over to Deputy Inspector General Dak Sokha, who was also his brother-in-law, to take him home.

It should be noted that while transporting the victim home, Mr. Dak Sokha was seen handcuffing brother-in-law in a Pros car driven by a police officer under the name of Phanny. At that time, it was not known whether the deputy inspector took his brother-in-law home or elsewhere. A few days later, on the morning of August 31, the villagers found the body.

Judicial police officers are currently building a case to be sent to the prosecutor.

Mr. Keo Socheat, Prosecutor of the Battambang Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, continued, “I am satisfied with the work of the judicial police officers (in detaining) the suspected murderer who (is) the victim’s brother-in-law and acted as the deputy inspector of Koas Kralor district.” NKD

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