Kratie Gendarmerie Chief Investigated Over Abuse Of Dog Killing Maid, 12

Phnom Penh: On the evening of October 30, 2021, the spokesman of the National Gendarmerie confirmed the opening of the preliminary investigation by police officers of Kratie Provincial Gendarmerie on the case of violence against a maid.

The spokesperson of the National Gendarmerie would like to inform that the Judicial Police of the Kratie Provincial Gendarmerie has been conducting a preliminary investigation under the guidance and coordination of the Kratie Provincial Prosecutor’s Office. Brigadier General San Bunthan, Commander of the Kratie Provincial Gendarmerie, confirmed that Tep Huy, a 42-year-old male with the rank of Brigadier General of the Kratie Municipal Gendarmerie, was arrested on October 30, 2021. He is accused of violence against a maid (domestic servant). At the same time, individuals involved in the crime were also arrested.

The case is said to have occurred on the night of October 24, 2021. The victims are girls named Trek Theara and Vorn Pisey, cousins aged 12, from Kanhchor village, Kanhchor commune, Chhlong district, Kratie province. They came to work at the house of the Kratie City Commander. Due to the daughter of the Kratie City Police Commander cursing the servant too much, one of the victims was angry and grabbed the owner’s dog and dipped it in water. The puppy died and the Kratie City Police Commander became angry. The girl was kicked and slapped by his officers and forced to eat dog excrement, and he summoned the parents of the victim to his home and forced then to agree to a $100 monthly payment for three years, according to the confirmation of the victim girl as well as her mother, Pin Top, 36.

Chhin Sok Kheun, 35, Theara’s mother, told authorities as well as some organizations in the hospital that she was shocked to learn that the Kratie City Police Commander had used violence on the children and forced them to eat dog dung. She said that she was made to agree to pay $100 monthly for three years, otherwise the children would be imprisoned.

The Commander of the Kratie Municipal Gendarmerie, after hearing of the complaint against him became scared and made a personal apology, offering up to $ 20,000 to buy their silence, but the parents of the child victim refused, stating that they have already tried to go to court. NKD

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