Two Groups Of Spue Hoons Get A Half-Shave

Kampong Speu Province: Four teenage delinquents causing trouble were picked up by the Samrong Tong District Police while on patrol at midnight on October 29, 2021 at Dek Phleung village, Roleang Kreul commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu province.

According to the police, the four were Chin Sothon, 19 years old, Thy Chan Sovann, alias Phin, 16 years old, Sat Sat, 17 years old and Run Daro, 18 years old.

After the arrest, police confiscated two motorcycles, one red 2016 Honda without license plate and the other black Honda 2021 without license plate.

The youths were questioned and police invited the guardians to take them away for education and make a guarantee contract. If they continue and refuse to mend their ways, the authorities will take legal action.

Meanwhile, in Borey Kamakor Village, Chbar Mon city, Kampong Speu, 5 other young men armed with swords were also detained and given a half-head-shave, before their guardians were called. A sixth teen escaped from police

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