Man Murdered After Rejecting Daughter’s Marriage Suitor

Banteay Meanchey: According to media reports, at 2:30 pm on October 25th, a man in Banteay Meanchey province refused a request to marry his daughter to her admirer. The rejected suitor attacked the victim with a knofe, then surrendered to the police.

It is reported that the suspect is male, 27 years old and the victim 46 years old- the father of the suspect’s girlfriend.

The suspect said that he loved the victim’s daughter very much and had taken the initiative to help out on the victim’s farm for 2 years.

However, the victim recently turned back and violated his original promise by refusing to allow the suspect to marry his daughter, as he wanted her to marry someone else.

The suspect became angry and stabbed the victim 5 times, causing his death at the scene. Then, the suspect handed himself in at the police station.

At present, the suspect has been detained and is ready to be transferred to court.

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