Kandal Man Murders Pregnant Wife

Kandal: A man killed his wife-who was 4 months pregnant- and attempted to kill himself. He failed, but was seriously injured and was rushed to a hospital. 

This incident occurred at 9 am on October 26, 2021 in the victim’s house next to the gate of Wat Anlong Romeet in Kampong Toul village, Anlong Romeet, Kandal Steung district, Kandal province.

The victim was Kim Pov, a 40-year-old female who worked as a shopkeeper at a school and lived in the village. The suspect, her husband, was named as Pich Vichet, 41 years old, who sells meatballs on a motorbike.

The victim and her husband had two sons aged 15 and 10. The motive for the murder remains unknown, but it is suggested that the suspect suffered from mental illness.

Evidence seized included black knives for cutting factory fabrics. RASMEI

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