Huge Drug Shipment Seized From Koh Kong Fishing Boat

Koh Kong: According to initial reports, on October 22, the Koh Kong Provincial Police seized 230 kilograms of drugs from a boat and arrested 6 suspects.

Details are scant, but there are reports that police seized 230 kilograms of drugs packed into 9 large packages on a fishing boat. The six drug suspects were arrested that afternoon.

UPDATE: Later reports now put the haul at over 300kg.

Sre Ambel district, Koh Kong province on October 22, 2021 at the mouth of Peam Sre Ambel in Kampong Sdam village, Chroy Svay commune.

Authorities at the Sre Ambel District Police Inspectorate confirmed that this was an operation to crack down on large-scale drug traffickers who had crossed the border from Thailand into two locations through the lower Chamkar Krom border crossing in Sre Ambel and Chroy Svay communes. 

Koh Kong Provincial Police Commissioner General Kong Mono said that the first operation stopped a bus and arrested four suspects at Chamkar village. Authorities immediately inspected and found more than 300 kilograms of drugs. .

After initial questioning, they confessed to transporting the drugs from the boat (Bahua On) at Kampong Sdam village, Chroy Svay commune. Police then proceeded to detain two more suspects on board the vessel.

The police chief of Koh Kong Province, said that this is the second largest drug-related case in the history of the province.

At present, the local police are further investigating to hunt down the ring leader and determine the source of the drugs.


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