Information For Travelers To Cambodia- October 2021

*Please note: The graphics were created by the VAPGI Team, so I asked for clarification about the pre-flight PCR timing noted on the graphics posted on their VAPGI Facebook page, as they were different from what is stated in the MoH SOP, this is their response… “Thank you for reaching out to us and pointing out the error on our graphics! We would like to send you this message to express our apologies for the unintentional error made on our graphics. We have taken down the graphics and we will post it back once we have fixed it. We are sorry for any inconveniences or confusion and we will ensure to be more cautious for our future publications. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day! VAGI Support Team”

So unfortunately it does appear that it is no more than 72 hrs prior to arrival now.(Please note that I did not tell them they were incorrect, I just asked for clarification). *Thanks to BM of the Cambodia Visa Page

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