Electric Cable Fire On Psar Depot Street

Phnom Penh: A electric current caused the flames to ignite the cable and the fiber optic cable so much that it broke. Scattered all over the road, causing surprise to the people and the authorities came down to intervene at 4:10 am October 19, 2021, near the Neak Voan pagoda traffic light along Street 112 at right angles to Street 221 in Sangkat Phsar Depot 3, Khan Toul Kork.

According to sources from the local authorities, before the incident, people saw smoke coming from an electricity pole in the early hours of the morning. Then, suddenly, a spark exploded from above the pole, which contained wires and fiber optic cables. Flames ignited the wires and fiber optic cables above the poles, causing a huge fire.

People came out of houses and tried to put out the flames and reported to local authorities for fire trucks to intervene.

Fire units arrived at the scene and sprayed a small amount of water, which completely extinguished the blaze. The fire did not spread to people’s homes, but damaged some electrical wires and fiber optic cables, which were burnt and scattered all over the road.

Authorities concluded that it was caused by an electric surge. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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