Landcruiser Kills Three Kandal Cows

Kandal: At 10:55 pm on October 17, 2021, a traffic accident occurred when a Landcruiser with license plate Phnom Penh 2C-7566 hit three cows, causing their deaths along Street 21B in Sangkat Takhmao, Takhmao City, Kandal Province.

Prior to the accident, the car was seen traveling along Street 21B. When they arrived at the scene, they hit three cows, causing them to die at the scene, and the car was also badly damaged at the front. Immediately, the car driver went to ask after the owner of the cows, but could not find anyone who admitted to keeping them. After a while, not wanting to have a long story, the car owner drove away from the scene. There were three people in the car.

After the owner of the car drove away from the scene, local traffic police came to the scene to check. They then lifted the three dead cows onto a truck and stored them to find the owner. In this case, no one was injured. POST NEWS

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