Search For Chinese Tourist Missing In Kampot National Park

Kampot: According to Chinese sources, the Cambodian 9/11 emergency rescue team, at 3 pm on October 12, received an alarm that a Chinese tourist was suspected to be lost in a national forest park in Kampot province (*presumably Bokor).

It is understood that the name of the Chinese tourist is unknown, but he is male, and aged 25-30 years old.

At that time, the reporter said that he knew the missing person, but he did not know too many personal details. He claimed to have received a distress call from the missing person saying that he got lost after walking into the mountains, and then sent out a personal location, the mobile phone he was using ran out of power, making it impossible to continue contacting.

After the Cambodian 911 emergency rescue team heard the news, they arranged for a car with 6 people to set off and arrived at the scene at 5 pm on the 12th. They searched a radius of one kilometer, but no missing persons were found.

At 8:40 that night, the team members evacuated the scene and returned to the stationed area to rest.

On October 13, the search started at 7:40 am, due to bad weather, but no missing persons were found as of 11:20 am.

In the end, due to the weather and terrain, as well as the increased risk of searching in the mountains, the rescue team decided to temporarily abandon the search and rescue work and discuss the next step after research.

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