Raids Across Sihanoukville Net Chinese Drug Suspects

Sihanoukville: According to police and social media, at 8 pm on October 11, Sihanoukville police joined with the gendarmerie to raid a casino in Village 1, Sangkat 2, and arrested a Chinese drug offender. Later, based on clues found during the raid, more Chinese drug criminals were arrested.

It is reported that the first suspect is Zhang Hong You, male, 53 years old, Chinese nationality, unemployed. Several small packages of methamphetamine, MDMA, WY (yama) pills and 4 bottles of liquid methamphetamine were seized, along with a cell phone.

After interrogation of the suspect, at 11:50 in the evening, in Sangkat 4, two more suspects were detained: Chen Jing Huai, male, 36 years old, Chinese nationality and Chen Guo Feng, male, 29 years old, Chinese nationality.

The evidence seized included: 5 packets of suspected drugs, 1 packet of suspected dry marijuana, 12 packets of suspected drugs, 13 packets of WY, 2 bottles of liquid methamphetamine, 2 packets of MDMA, etc., and 1 mobile phone.

The last suspect was arrested at 2 am on October 12, Li Jian Min, male, 51 years old, Chinese nationality. The seized evidence included 7 packets of suspected drugs and 2 mobile phones.

At present, the above-mentioned four suspects have been escorted to the provincial police station for further processing.

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