Nissan Man Asked To Pick Up Crashed Car

Kampong Speu: According to the Provincial Police Commissioner of Kampong Speu in a statement made on October 08, 2021; on the afternoon of October 6, 2021, police received information about a car accident at Yeay Mao Pichnil on National Road. 4 between km 103-104, located in Village 6, Treng Trayeung Commune, Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province.

A silver Nissan Frontier, license plate Phnom Penh 2BJ-1350, with an unidentified driver was seen driving from west to east. When he reached the point, he swerved and the car left the road. After the incident, the driver was not injured (the man was alone). He had left the scene (and the car) by the time police arrived. After waiting for one night and did not see the owner of the car return, on the afternoon of October 7, 2021, the police of the Phnom Sruoch District Police Inspectorate took the car and temporarily stored it at the Phnom Sruoch District Police Inspectorate.

Please, ladies and gentlemen whoever own the NISSAN FRONTIER or acquaintances of the above car owner, please inform your relatives to pick up the car. Please bring documents. POST NEWS

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