Video Shows Chinese Man Beaten In Sihanoukville Business Park

Sihanoukville: Several videos have been shared on Chinese social media of a man, half-naked, being dragged and beaten by others in Sihanoukville.

The incident is reported to have occurred in a network investment park in Sihanoukville. Screams were heard in the video and several security guards dragged the man along the ground, saying “drag him up and drag him in.”

During the process, another security guard ran over and kicked at the injured man, then hit him with a stick. The other security guards couldn’t see it and said, “Don’t fight.”

In the end, the man was dragged away by four security guards. It is said that the incident was caused by a dispute between an online investment company and a staff member.

Yesterday a man named Xiao Yang (a pseudonym) claimed that an online investment company initially demanded 15,000 US dollars in compensation for him to be able to leave. When his family and friends were raising money, the compensation suddenly rose to 50,000 US dollars and then to 100,000 US dollars.

Xiao Yang said that he had a dispute with the online investment company. The owner of the online investment company ordered the employees to beat him. “There were more than 40 people, and about 20 people beat me. It was chaotic at the time.”

Later, he was sent to the hospital by the company for treatment. The company sent someone to inform Xiao Yang to prepare 1 million yuan, “I couldn’t help it, so I took a pair of scissors from the hospital infirmary and ran out by myself.”

It as later stated that the Sihanoukville Police planned to repatriate him to China through legal procedures.

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