Bloodied Chinese Man Begs For Help As Thugs Give Chase

Sihanoukville: A Chinese man in Sihanoukville was seen shouting for help in the street. He was bleeding heavily, and finally knelt in front of the police for protection.

Witnesses said that the Chinese man was being hunted on the streets of Sihanoukville on the afternoon of the 5th. He rushed to a casino door and asked the security guard for help.

The two men chasing after the Chinese man held electric batons in their hands.

The Chinese man stood by the casino security guard, shouting “Help”, and holding scissors against his neck. His clothes were covered with blood.

The two people who were chasing the man seemed to notice that there were many security guards at the entrance of the casino, and quickly left the scene.

The casino security called the police and officers rushed to the scene with an interpreter.

After seeing the police, the man suddenly knelt to the police and begged the police to protect him.

Statements from onlookers at the scene say the two people who chased down the man seemed to be Chinese, and judging the equipment in their hands, they speculated that it might be from a certain online gambling company. TNAOT

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