Ganja Growers Go To Ground As Police Raid Another Kirivong Plantation

 Takeo: At 7 am on October 2, the police of Takeo Province destroyed 437 square meters of illegal cannabis plantations in Kirivong district.

According to the district police department, a team was sent to search for illegal crops and found 4 locations with cannabis and four water reservoirs. The police are currently tracking down illegal cannabis growers to bring them to justice.

The police chief pointed out that the cannabis plantations are located in mountainous areas and it is difficult to track and arrest the growers. Kirivong (aka the Green Triangle) is an area well-known for marijuana cultivation. These locations have been raided by the police many times, who have destroyed a large number of marijuana plants, but there are still farmers secretly planting the Devil’s lettuce. Because of the high retail price and low cost of production of cannabis, many local residents continue to secretly plant the crop.

At present, the police have not yet arrested the owner of the latest ganja gardens, and the case is under further investigation.

This mountainous area on the border between Cambodia and Vietnam is the major area for cannabis cultivation, and known as the best place to grow cannabis which is smuggled to Vietnam. TNAOT

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