Sword Wielding Man Arrested After Making Death Threats

Kandal Province: A man was arrested following an incident on September 30, 2021 in Siem Reap village, Siem Reap commune, Kandal Steung district, Kandal province.

The victim was named as Nip Kesa, male, 49 years old, residing in the village. The suspect, Yen Chandara, male, 28 years old, also lives in the same village. 

A 77 cm long sword with bamboo handle was seized as evidence.

The victim said he was drinking tea alone when the suspect walked from the west with the sword in his hand. When the suspect got closer and saw the victim sitting alone, he stopped and shouted, “I will kill Heng” for no apparent reason. 

The suspect then ran with the sword in his hand to cut the victim who ran into the house and locked the door. The suspect shouted in front of the house “Kill Heng.” Immediately, the victim called to report to the Siem Reap commune administrative police station.

Siem Reap commune police arrived at the scene to detain the suspect and send the evidence to the inspectorate. AREY

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