UPDATE: Chinese Man Arrested After Fatal SHV Crash

Sihanoukville – (Preliminary news) – A traffic accident between a car and a motorbike near O1 Bridge, Sihanoukville at 9:30 pm on September 29, 2021, caused the death a woman on a motorcycle.

Sources from the police initially said that after the incident, the police intercepted the car and the driver of the car- a Chinese man, who was taken away for legal procedures.

According to the police report, the accident occurred between a white LAND CRUISER with license plate Phnom Penh 2BH-2123. The driver was named as TANG WEI, male, 26 years old, a Chinese national living in Sihanoukville.

The car crashed into the back of a black HONDA C125 motorcycle without a license plate, the rider- a unidentified female- was traveling same direction. The car attempted to drive away and hit two motorcycles parked in front of people’s houses.

The Chinese driver was brought to the traffic police office for questioning. The car and motorbikes taken for storage. VANN MAKARA

UPDATE: Chinese media source: After the incident, the Cambodian driver of the car in the accident ran away, while his Chinese boss in the car was caught by the local people.

Witnesses described that before the incident, when the car accidentally rammed a motorcycle from behind, causing a Cambodian woman to fall, the driver of the accident did not stop, but dragged the motorcycle under the car, causing the Cambodian woman die on the spot.

After the incident, the Cambodian driver quickly got off the car and fled the scene, leaving only his drunk Chinese boss in the car. He was arrested by the local police.

At that time, the Chinese man shouted: “I am Chinese and I don’t want to run, but I’m afraid of being beaten. I didn’t rob you of a cent!”

According to the wife of the Chinese boss, the husband was driven by a Cambodian driver after drinking with a client and was returning home. The wife said they will take active responsibilities and cooperate with the funeral costs.

The local police have taken the Chinese man to the police station for further processing.

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