Drunk Chinese Driver Chased Down After Minor Accident

Phnom Penh: A Chinese man driving a Landcruiser tried to escape from the scene of an accident, and was chased from Street 2004 to Russian Federation Boulevard, west of Phsar Dei Huy Bridge.

This incident occurred at around 10 pm on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

Sources at the scene said that before the incident, a Chinese man, reportedly drunk, was seen driving a white 2020 Landcruiser with license plate Phnom Penh 2BM-1888 along 2004 from west to east, when he hit a motorcycle and a car. The driver refused to stop and tried to escape from the scene.

A group of eyewitnesses chased the car from 2004 onto Russian Federation, west of Psar Dei Huy Bridge. Four or five young men violently attacked the car and the Chinese man, but were stopped by the authorities. The car was smashed on the right and rear windows, by the mob, and suffered some damage from the crash.

After the incident, the police found an interpreter and asked the Chinese man, “Why did you drive the car and why when someone chased you did not stop?” 

According to the confession of the Chinese driver through the interpreter, the Chinese man crashed at the intersection of 2004 without causing any injuries, and because he was too scared, decided to run away. Seeing the pursuers behind, he became even more frightened and continued to drive faster until they reached the west point of Phsar Dei Huy bridge and stopped because the car broke down (flat tire).

Police in Po Sen Chey district called the police in Sen Sok district to inspect the scene around the road 2004 found that there was no serious damageand no injuries. However, the local police stopped the car and the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Traffic Police came to lift the car and store it at the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Traffic Office and wait for it to be resolved according to the law.

The Chinese driver was also brought in for questioning due to his drunk driving. KOHSANTEPHEAP/POST NEWS

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