Man Climbs Train, Stabs Himself

Phnom Penh: A surprise incident occurred at 8:10 am on September 26, 2021 at the Royal Phnom Penh Dry Port on the Trapeang Krasaing village line train, Po Sen Chey district. An unidentified man climbed up onto a container train and stabbed himself.

According to sources, the man was about 30 years old and armed with a paring knife. He was suspected of being on drugs. Prior to the incident, the man had got on top of the container train coming from Sihanoukville, but no one knew when he managed to do so.

The source said that when the train arrived at the Royal Phnom Penh Dry Port, the man was spotted on the container. The dry port staff and train staff shouted for him to get down. He refused to go down and stabbed himself with a knife, causing him to bleed.

The source added that while the Trapeang Krasang police went down, the man threatened to stab himself if the police dared to approach him and demanded that the train take him back to Takeo province. At that time, the police did not dare to approach and have been comforting him from a distance. POST NEWS

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