Prius Slams Into Parked Chicken Truck

Takeo: On Thursday, September 2, 2021,there was a traffic accident between a car and a truck driving in the same direction at 10:40 AM on National Road No. 3 between km 74-75 in Ang Tasom village, commune. Ang Ta Som, Tram Kak District, Takeo Province.

A white Hyundai car (chickentransport truck) with license plate Phnom Penh 3F-3389, was driven by Yem Ravon, male, 26 years old, from the north. When the driver reached the above point, he stopped at the right side on the west side of the road, facing south to eat something.

A red Toyota Prius with license plate Phnom Penh 2BJ-3284, driven by Chuon Oun, male, 34 years old, an employee of St. Paul Institute in Ang Koki Village, Taphem Commune, Tram Kak District, Takeo Province came from the north and smashed into the back of the parked truck.

The driver was taken to Daun Keo Referral Hospital with serious injuries. 

The cause was given as the truck stopped without lights and the Prius was driving with lack of caution. Specialist forces are building a case according to the procedure, and the two vehicles were kept at the Tram Kak District Police Inspectorate. POST NEWS

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