Truck Crash Causes Injuries In Sihanoukville

Sihanoukvile: A truck collided with other vehicles and smashed into a building on Wat Leu slope in Sangkat 2, Sihanoukville at 1 o’clock on September 22, 2021. Several people were injured, some of them were seriously.

According to the traffic police, in the accident, motorcycles, an Indian tuk tuk and Nissan pick-up were damaged and five people were injured, including one seriously. The five victims have been named as Kim Chantha, 28, Mak Sophos, 35, and Oeun Channa, 24, and Sam Pov, 16. The fifth person who seriously injured has not been identified.

According to eyewitnesses near the scene, a white Hyundai pickup truck with the license plate Phnom Penh 3F 1295 was seen speeding down the road hit several vehicles and smashed into a construction site, causing severe damage.

After the accident, the vehicles were taken to the land traffic office, while the owner agreed to repair the other three motorcycles. The injured are being treated at a private clinic. CEN

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