Thais Caught Returning After ‘Online Casino’ Work Scam

Thailand: Five Thai nationals were detained by Thai Border Patrol No. 12 in cooperation with border guards near the Thai-Cambodian border while crossing the border.

The arrests took place at 9:30 AM on September 21, 2021 at a point on Serey Phin Street in Village 1, Commune. Non Mak Mon, Kork Khyong District, Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand. They had already crossed over into Thailand from Cambodia.

After their arrest, they claimed that they were smuggling themselves back to their hometown because they were cheated by a broker who took them to work for a gambling website at an online casino in Poipet. They were told that the company would provide food and accommodation, but when they went, it was not as promised, so they decided to return to Thailand.

The five Thai youths, including two young men and three women, said they all lived in Sa Kaeo province and went to Cambodia illegally looking for work and were cheated by the broker. 

Thai authorities said because they did not enter and leave legally, they have been sent to the District Police Inspectorate for legal procedures. KPT

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