Excavator Driver Escapes From Landmine Blast

Battambang: According to the National Police General Commission, a man was slightly injured in a landmine explosion while an excavator was clearing land. The incident happened on September 18, 2021 at the plantation of HE Pol Saroeun in Ampup village, Meanchey commune, Samlot district.

According to the report from the authorities, the machine went into the forest at the point above the plantation, causing a mine to detonate, and the driver suffered minor injuries. The victim was Noy Bun, a 36-year-old male living in Kratie province.

The district police inspector sent a force to the scene, said Lt. Col. Men Rim, who added that the site of the mine explosion was a battlefield in the past and so far there has been no mine clearing. CMAC professional officers inspected and cordoned off the area for further work tomorrow. POST NEWS

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