Elderly Fish Trapper Killed In Mystery Explosion

Siem Reap Province: An elderly man died while lifting his fish trap on a bomb.

The incident happened on September 19, 2021, Romdeng village, Sranal commune, Kralanh district, Siem Reap province.

According to the report, a villager in Romdeng village, said that at about 9:40 in the morning he went to transplant rice in a field about 300 meters west of the village which borders Tram Kang village, Chanlas Dai commune, Kralanh district. When he arrived at the field, he saw a white bucket on the field about 80 meters away, but no one was there. He thought this was strange and reported to the authorities.

According to the report, the police found out that the victim, Chao Ray, male, 78 years old, resident of Tram Kang village, Chanlas Dai commune, Kralanh district, Siem Reap province, died in a bomb blast after an unknown person may have placed explosives around the fish trap.

According to Chao Rith, the 37-year-old son of the victim, his father had been putting the trap there every wet season for almost 10 years, and this year he went to put the trunk in the old place for about 6 or 7 days, because there was water. Every morning at 6.30, he always went to see his trap, and usually returned about 8:00. After 9.30, when he did not return home, the son went out and found out his father had died.

According to the report, at about 7:20 a.m., villagers near the scene heard an explosion, but thought it was a car tire or a thunderbolt because it was raining at the time. SRP

Police are investigating the incident.

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