UPDATE: At Least 3 Dead After Truck’s Brakes Fail

Kandal: (UPDATE) Three (*or four depending on source) people were killed at the scene and several others were seriously injured after a man drove a truck loaded with rocks down the Prek Ta Mak bridge at high speed and hot a minivan, which then hit a motorcycle and buildings.

This horrific incident happened at 1:30 pm on Monday, September 20, 2021, along Street 8 at the base of Prek Tamak Bridge in Prey Tamak Village, Prek Tamak Commune, Khsach Kandal District, Kandal Province.

Two of the deceased have been named as Bopha Titi, male, 10 years old and Ly Kheang, male, 45 years old, from Kampong Cham.

EDIT: Other sources name the man along with

Pheng Vouch Leap, female, 47 years old (dead wife)
Kheang Kao Ly, male 12 years old (dead child)
Kheang Pachou, female 7 years old (injured child)

The truck driver Phorn Makara, male, 23 years old, was arrested.

(Primary information) At around 3 pm on September 20, 2021, a truck’s brakes failed as it went down the slope of Prek Tamak Bridge and hit a house, causing 3 deaths and many serious injuries. The incident occurred in Prek Tamak village, Khsach Kandal district, Kandal province.

Updates to follow. POST NEWS

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