Drunk Stabs Cousin To Death With Scissors

Tbong Khmum Province: A suspect used scissors to stab his cousin, causing his sudden death. After the incident, the relatives of the victim beat the perpetrator and called the commune administration to send him to the Krouch Chhmar District Police Inspectorate for questioning and legal action.

The incident happened at 10:20 pm on the 18th of September 2021 in Phkadaung, Chhouk, Krouch Chhmar district, Tbong Khmom.

Colonel Sous Seangly, Kroch Chhmar District Police Inspector, said that the suspect was named Buntha Thoeun, a 43-year-old man from the village. The victim was his cousin named Moeun Buntheng, male, 38 years old, living in the same commune.

Krouch Chhmar District Police Inspector said that before the incident, the suspect had been drinking heavily and was looking for someone else. When he saw this, his cousin came out and told him to go home and sleep. This caused an altercation, and the drunken suspect walked into his home and came back with a pair of sharp scissors in his hand. The victim stopped him and chased the suspect home, and the argued fiercely.

The inspector added that while the two were arguing with each other, the victim’s mother, named Yorn Sam An, 55 years old also got involved and chastised the suspect. The argument continued until the suspect stabbed the victim in his neck, causing his instant death at the scene. 

The mother shouted for help and Srey Sopha, a 35-year-old man- the victim’s brother-in-law- and Sreng Srey, a 36-year-old man sitting near the scene came over. Sreng Srey ran to see the victim, while Srey Sopha ran to catch The suspect then fought with Srey Sopha, who him on the head with a fence post, knocking the suspect out.

Krouch Chhmar District Police Inspector Colonel Sous Seangly said that the victim’s family reported to local authorities for intervention. In front of the police, the suspect denied he killed the victim.

The suspect is currently being held in custody awaiting the Tbong Khmum Provincial Court to handle the case.

Last year the suspect also attacked the victim, but no charges were made at that time. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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