Video Of Traffic Policeman Rides Car To A Stop

Phnom Penh: A video which appears to show a traffic police officer being taken for a ride after attempting to stop a car somewhere in Phnom Penh is being widely shared online.

The account Bun Piseth, which uploaded the clip had the comment “It is difficult for the police and if you are drunk, please do not drive”.

The time and location of this incident has not been released.

UPDATE: Police have clarified the incident:

On September 18, 2021, at 3:00 PM, a Prius with license plate Phnom Penh 2Q-7987 was drivien by Thlok Sok Chamroeun, a 41-year-old male along Road 70. When he arrived around Boeung Kak Lake, authorities were easing congestion on the other side of the road. Due to health problems, the driver passed, and the traffic officer did not know where to escape and jumped on the car.

Local people then intervened, some shouting and blowing horns, causing the driver to regain to consciousness and stop the vehicle.

After the incident, the traffic police also went to check and bring the driver to check for alcohol in his blood(none). The driver also acknowledged the breach of contract and made a video to clarify the circumstances of the case, as well as a public apology for the unintentional breach of health. .

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