Classes Suspended In Newly Opened PP High Schools

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has decided to temporarily suspend classes in some high schools for 14 days due to COVID-19.

The decision to suspend was due to positive infections in classes, and the Ministry has stopped 15 classes at five high schools, including Hun Sen Ponhea Ton High School (Grade 9B) and Boeung Prey High School (Grade 12AI, 9CI, 9DI). Boeung Thom Grade 7A2, Wat Phnom High School has 9 classes and Wat Koh High School Grade 7F.

The Ministry of Education did not specify the origins of the infections or any other involvement in the classroom, but said that other classes in those high schools were still operating normally, but would be restricted from playing and will continue to wear masks, wash hands on a regular basis, are not allowed communication between students from one grade to another, and do not allow gatherings other than inside the classroom. KPT

UPDATE: At least 23 students in five high schools have contracted COVID in Phnom Penh. Wat Phnom High School had the highest number of students with 12 cases. This is according to the director of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Phnom Penh, Mr. Hem Sinareth.

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