Trafficgate: Police Defense (Video)

Phnom Penh: A police officer from Khan 7 Makara, who was accused of hitting the head of a woman has made his defense after the woman demanded $10,000 in compensation.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Police said the incident was caused by the rider of the motorcycle turning back from a police checkpoint at high speed in order to escape. At that time, the officers on duty raised their hands in order to stop them, in order to inspect and fine the rider according to the law. The offending driver did not stop and accelerated and hit a drain cover on the sidewalk, causing the rear passenger to fall off the motorcycle, injuring her head.

The injured woman, Ngon Srey Nich, accused the police of using a radio to hit her head and demanded compensation of $ 10,000. The motorcyclist was her brother, Ngon Seila, 18 years old. Both of them live in Borey Lim Chheang Hak, Chamkar Dong, Sangkat Stung Meanchey. The police officer charged is named Mat Pisey.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Police stated that based on the legal facts, the driver violated the following points:

1. Driving without a helmet, both driver and passenger

2. Driving on the wrong side of the road

3. Driving over the speed limit (40km / h)

4. Driving at high speed in order to hit the authorities are enforcing the law

5. Driving back, intending to escape from the authorities without the authorities inspecting and fining according to the law.

Pursuant to Article 76 of the Road Traffic Law and Article 541 of the Penal Code, based on the offenses mentioned above, drivers can be sentenced to imprisonment and be fined.

Based on the points mentioned above, the authorities are happy to accept the participation of the people whether the driving of this man is right or wrong. “In general, if the driver did not commit a crime and did not run, the accident would not have happened.” KPT

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