No More ‘Roll-Over Sunday’ Public Holidays

Phnom Penh: Dr. Ith Sam Heng, Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, said that from now on there will be no Monday off for holidays that fall on Sundays, after the National Assembly approved a request to amend some articles of the labor law.

On September 9, 2021, the National Assembly fully approved the draft law on the amendment of Article 123, Article 138, Article 162, Article 300, Article 343, Article 350, Article 363 and Article 367 of the Labor Law, which were promulgated by Royal Kram. “Rokam / 0397/01, dated March 13, 1997.”

Speaking on the occasion of defending the draft law on the amendment of some articles of the Labor Law in front of the National Assembly on that occasion, the Minister said that the non-adjournment for the holiday on Sunday is at the request of the agreed employers’ representatives, together with union representatives to increase the attractiveness of modern industries, such as: manufacturing of electrical appliances, electronics, food processing, garments and footwear.

The Minister continued that the abolition of the next day off for the Sunday holiday is to increase labor productivity and strengthen the economic competitiveness of Cambodia.

He added that the current amendments to the labor law will give foreign investors confidence, boost the flow of private sector investment, as well as promote labor rights and harmony in industrial relations as Cambodia begins to develop work in connection with international trade.

It should be noted that the Labor Law is an important legal framework for promoting labor rights and harmony in industrial relations as Cambodia begins to develop its employment sector in conjunction with international trade through the growth of private sector investment. In particular, investment in the garment and footwear industries.

 The Labor Law has already been amended twice, in 2007 the amendments related to the rate of overtime and night work and the 2018 amendments related to seniority pay. KPT


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