Latest Siem Reap Curfew From 9-22 September

Sime Reap: The Siem Reap Provincial Government announced on September 8 that it will implement a curfew for another two weeks to prevent the spread of new coronary pneumonia.

According to a notice issued by the provincial government on the 8th, the curfew will be implemented from September 9 to 22, from 21.00 to 03.00.

During this period, all travel and business activities in the province are prohibited, except for emergencies, such as: travel for law enforcement personnel and armed forces, emergency medical treatment, and travel approved by the authorities.

At the same time, the transportation of goods and food, emergency services, fire services, water and electricity services, hotel and inn services or necessary situations can all be carried out during the curfew.

It should be mentioned that the number of confirmed cases in Siem Reap Province has hovered around 90 in recent days. According to the latest news, testing in Dam Dek Market, located in Dam Dek commune, Sot Nikum district, found a total of 47 people with COVID-19 after 4 days of testing.

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