Unknown Woman Found Dead In Car ‘Fell From Otres Building’

Sihanoukville: At 11 am on September 7, a woman in Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville was seriously injured after falling from a building. She was drove to a private hospital by several men, but died on the way. Some report say she was found at the bottom of a building in the Otres Special Economic Zone/

According to witnesses at the scene, a black vehicle with a Phnom Penh license plate was stopped with the woman in the back and three Cambodian men in the vehicle.

The driver said that at first the woman fell off a building in the AT&S Special Economic Zone, and then their boss asked him, a security guard, and an electrician to help put the woman in his company’s car. The woman was then taken to a private hospital without calling the police or calling an ambulance, but unfortunately the above woman died in the car.

Police have not yet confirmed the cause of death of the woman, but have taken the three men to Sihanoukville Police Station for questioning.

The deceased was sent to Preah Sihanouk Province Provincial Hospital for temporary storage, waiting for relevant personnel to come for an autopsy and confirm the identity of the woman and the cause of death. 

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