250kg Cambodian Teapot Finds Home In Special Indian Cafe

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India: A Cambodian teapot weighing 250kg, measuring four feet in length and three feet in height, became a centre of attraction for visitors to La Gravitea, a high-end cafeteria located at Circuit House Area as soon as it reached on Saturday afternoon.

Made of white and blue porcelain, the teapot worth Rs 1.6 lakh ($2,200?) was added to the collection of printed and vintage teapots, which are just collectibles, adorning the plush café.

“My passion drove me to get the unique teapot from as far as Cambodia. It is a one-of-a-kind teapot in India. Nowhere else in the country you will find such a large and heavy teapot,” said Avinash Dugar, the cafe owner who brought the huge teapot in a SUV driving it from Calcutta.

“We were very careful in bringing the heavy teapot. Five persons were required to lift it for keeping it inside the SUV and again bringing it inside the cafe after it reached here,” said Dugar.

Several regular customers rushed to the cafe to get a glimpse of the teapot. 

“I have gone places but never came across such a large and heavy teapot. We should feel proud as a steel city cafe can now boast of having such a unique teapot, “said Ranveer Singh, a local businessman who frequently visits the cafe.

Located opposite the Army Camp, La Gravitea only employs boys and girls, with hearing and speech impairments.

The cafeteria which is operating for more than five years now has been set up by Avinash Dugar, a tea connoisseur and former vice-president of a Seraikela-Kharsawan based industry, who quit his corporate career to start that cafe.

The cafe also serves a wide variety of tea sourced from different countries.

Dugar has himself got training on sign language and has trained the speech and hearing impaired boys and girls to run the cafe and  how to serve the customers with a smile and with proper etiquette. INDIAN TELEGRAPH / La Gravite

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