Three Young Women Die Of Suspected Alcohol Poisoning

Phnom Penh: At 1:00 pm on September 2, 2021, there was a shocking case where two young women were found dead in a third-floor apartment, while another died on arrival at her home . The three had been drinking together on the evening of September 1, with alcohol poisoning is suspected of being the cause of death,

(EDIT) The initial reports say Srey Phay (or Thai), 17 (or 18), a salon worker, died after drinking in Khsach Kandal II district. Village 8, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmon along with 18-year-old Phal Davy and 17-year-old Srun Sreyka

According to sources, prior to the incident, the three young women, thought to be between 17-18 years old, bought wine and made cocktails together on the night of September 1, 2021. Phay then felt unwell and left the rented room in Phnom Penh for her hometown in Neak Leung, Prey Veng province, to buy medicine, but died.

After her death, relatives contacted the two teenagers in Phnom Penh and at 11 noon, people in Prey Veng province contacted them again, but the phone was no longer answered. Relatives of the two came up to Phnom Penh to the rented room and opened the door find them dead inside.

Currently, the authorities are investigating and examining the case. Initial reports suggest tainted alcohol was the cause of death, but this has not been confirmed.

*This is being widely reported, but details are still vague.

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