Short On Cash Transgender Couple Attack Delivery Driver

Sihanoukville: A dispute erupted when an E-Gets food delivery driver in Sihanoukville demanded 200 riels(*unsure if actual amount, just from source) from a customer who was short of money, causing two transgender customers to attack the food delivery man in a fit of rage.

According to the driver, the customers first ordered food through the E-Gets app and would make a cash payment. When he delivered the food to the customer, the transgender person was short on cash, an argument broke out and the man was set upon by two ladyboys.

The driver continued that as he was attacked and insulted him, he did not respond because he was a well-trained worker, but both transgender women continued to chase him to the middle of the road and hit him in the face with their heels, causing him to be injured. Then he could not control his anger and used his hands to protect himself. To know more, please watch the security camera video below: KHMERNOTE

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