Young Chinese Woman Found Off Ochheuteal Beach

Sihanoukville: The body of a Chinese woman was found floating near the old naval police station at 10:00 AM on September 1, 2021 in Group 17, Village 4, Sangkat 4. Sihanoukville City. Immediately after receiving the information, the local police went to check. At the scene, the body of the victim was found lying on the beach face up near the water’s edge. The body was wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt with no shoes.

According to the police, the victim was XIE QIYING, a 21-year-old Chinese woman. She was staying at “Chang Chheng” Hotel/Casino, Room 907, 9th floor. Authorities do not immediately know the cause of death. The body is currently waiting for an autopsy at the scene.

Updates to follow

UPDATE: According to a police, when patrolling the site of the incident, the local police found that two Chinese women not wearing masks when they got off a tuk-tuk. Police gave masks to the two Chinese women and educated them on the spot. Subsequently, the two Chinese women walked to the beach.

About 20 minutes later, people nearby discovered that one of the women was drowning and asked the police for emergency rescue. However, after the police arrived at the scene, the woman was already dead. Some sources claim she had cuts to her arms. It was also reported that the second woman was preparing to kill herself, but was restrained by passers by.

After the incident, the police began interrogating the deceased’s friend.

UPDATE: Chinese media say the woman had been suicidal for some time, often posting messages on social media, and had recently self-harmed.

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