Police Investigate Bodies In Shallow Graves

Phnom Penh: On August 28, 2021, forensic experts of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police, including the Criminal Forces of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police, cooperated to investigate a potential crime scene. Residents found skeletons buried in separate pits at a hill in Kamrieng village, Sangkat Kantouk, Khan Kampol, Phnom Penh.

In this case, the competent experts concluded that there were two unidentified bodies buried in separate pits, and the police were waiting on results of an autopsy to confirm the identities and fcause of death.

Update: After examination, the medical team concluded that the bodies were of a man and a woman, killed about three months ago.

The body of a woman was found with a stab wound to the right jaw, while the male corpse had the same stab wound to the right jaw and a gunshot wound to the center of the forehead.

At 7:30 pm on August 27, 2021, people found the body buried in a hill, and the remains of the skeleton and skull in the village of Kamrieng, Sangkat Kantouk, Khan Kampol, Phnom Penh. .

At first, the citizen passed by the scene, then he also saw the skull and bones near a bamboo thicket more than two weeks, but he did not dare to tell the authorities. On the day of the incident, he decided to report to the authorities.

After receiving this information, the authorities immediately reported to the higher level, then the presence of District Inspector Kampol Hang Mony came to inspect in person, and he confirmed that he was waiting until the morning, August 28, 2021, for the experts to come down.

*It was reported in AREY, that a disturbed shallow grave was found with more remains, and another irregular looking area of land was investigated and found to contain another body, which still had clothing on the remains. POST NEWS

Authorities appealed to missing relatives and family members to come and examine the bodies, which are being kept at Wat Svay Paem.

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