Koh Kong Suffers Days Of Heavy Rainfall

 Koh Kong Koh Kong province has seen heavy rainfall for the past four days due to a low pressure system, causing flooding of people’s homes, roads, and other property damage.

Residents in Khemarak Phoumin City say that the reason the houses and roads are flooded due to the amount of rain. Many drainage systems are blocked by garbage and many natural canals have been filled in for development.

Mr. Hak Leng, Governor of Botum Sakor District, said that roads damaged by flooding in Tanon commune have not been repaired, as the rain continues to fall, but will be fixed soon.

Ms. Mithona Phuthong, the Governor of Koh Kong Province, said 185 mm rainfall fell on August 24, which flooded roads, homes and surrounding areas. Dang Tong Market in Royal Khemarak City was underwater because the amount of water flowing into the sewer system was too great.

The Governor of Koh Kong Province also urged the municipal administration and relevant departments to increase efforts to restore natural canals to release water during heavy rains. At the same time, ask for the participation of the people through patience and favor to the authorities and stakeholders. In particular, please pay attention to natural phenomena during the rainy season. RASMEI

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